Replating Service

Whether your gold or silver jewellery has lost its shine, the plating has started to wear off or you’d like to transform your silver collection into stunning gold pieces; our replating service is the perfect way to give your jewellery a second life and restore its original beauty. 

Our replating service is suitable for a wide range of jewellery, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more. Whether you have a sentimental piece that holds meaning or simply want to refresh your collection, replating might just be what you were looking for. 

Please read our FAQ below to read more about the possibilities and terms & conditions of our replating service.

How does the replating service work? 

Step 1

Bring your jewellery to our Amsterdam-based store at Gerard Doustraat 94, click here for the opening times of our store.

Step 2

Our team will assess the piece(s) and provide you with a quote for the replating service.

Step 3

Your jewellery pieces will be replated and ready to be worn with love by you. Once they are finished you can either pick them up or have them shipped to you.

Please note: Payment is required during the pick-up of your item. Shipment of your finished item(s) to your home address is possible via prepaid shipment costs. 



We don’t offer warranty on the replating of your jewellery since the pieces have already undergone possible wear and tear and/ or are pre-worn. 

Each plating service comes with risks that may vary depending on the type of jewellery. For instance, there is a possibility of enamel chipping during the plating process. Please note that we do not provide a guarantee against these risks. 

At which store can I replate my jewellery?

You can bring your pieces to all of our stores in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp and we will send the items to our Gerard Doustraat store to be assessed.

Is it possible to replate all types of jewellery? 

The majority of jewellery can be replated, however, there are a few exceptions and every item needs to be assessed in our store upon approval. The following types of jewellery can’t be replated: 

  • Any jewellery of the brand Brinker & Eliza. The material used can’t be replated as the base material doesn’t suture with the plating. 
  • Any jewellery with (freshwater) pearls can’t be replated. 
  • Anna + Nina brass jewellery needs to be assessed in-store.  


What are the costs?

The cost of the replating service is calculated per piece starting from €35 euro. We may need to request a quote as some types of jewellery fall outside our standard price range. 

In order to minimize the costs, our plating service is done in batches. However, we do offer the option to plate individual pieces outside the batches to cater to urgent wishes. It is important to note that the starting price for single pieces is €95. 

How long does it take to replate my jewellery?

The plating service takes up to 3-6 weeks.