Our collections should be produced under fair and safe working conditions. To make this happen, we work closely with our suppliers to create a transparent supply chain. We ask our suppliers to adhere to a social standard and sign our code of conduct, which reflects our values and beliefs about creating a fair value chain. Additionally, we conduct annual assessments of our suppliers to track progress on certifications and objectives for the upcoming years. 

Every supplier we work with adheres to the following principles:

• They are true artisans and create products of quality we can’t find elsewhere.

• Their working conditions are fair and safe and adhere to our social standard. 

• They are reliable, transparent, and someone we can trust. - They have the necessary certifications (regarding materials, production, and working conditions) to meet our goals for 2025. 

 We cherish our long-term relationships and are a supportive partner for the people who create Anna + Nina products. This gives the manufacturers and their employees security. We only work directly with factories and not with intermediaries, and we have mapped out the manufacturers that make our products. By involving everyone we only create collections we are all proud of and we can continue to improve ourselves.