For our 10 Year Anniversary we decided to bring back one of our most favourite collaborations with the outstanding Amsterdam-based artist Rosa de Weerd. This time, we are bringing a new fantasy to life—a limited-edition capsule of hand-painted jewellery boxes featuring original Rosa de Weerd’s designs. There will be 30 boxes available (10 of each design). 

Rosa Raffle - Blog

These jewellery boxes are infused with bold romanticism and accentuated with rich colours, the boxes are collectables on their own. Rosa de Weerd’s designs capture your imagination and leave a long-lasting impression—the merit of a true artist.

Rosa Raffle - blog

In order to give everyone an equal opportunity of purchasing one of the boxes we are running a raffle. So, if you would like to be in with a chance of becoming the owner of one of these 30 beautiful, hand-painted boxes you can follow the steps below and enter our Rosa Raffle.

How it works:

1. Enter the Raffle for a chance to be one of the lucky people to own a Rosa de Weerd Jewellery Box.

2. Sign up using the link here and fill in your details and select the box you would like to purchase.

3. On Tuesday the 7th of June at 10:00 am, the winners will be selected at random from the raffle. Winners will be notified via email (you will only get notified when you won the raffle).

4. You will receive an email with a payment request. The payment needs to be fulfilled within 24 hours after receiving the email, otherwise, your win will be invalid and the Rosa de Weerd Jewellery Box will go on to the next one on the list, so be quick!

5. After the payment is fulfilled you will receive an order confirmation within 2 days.

6. Enjoy your new limited edition, hand-painted Jewellery Box from Rosa de Weerd.

Rosa Raffle - Blog
Rosa Raffle - Blog


Please note that due to the fact that the boxes are handmade, the box will be shipped at the end of June/beginning of July . 

juni 03, 2022