With Valentine’s Day approaching, we’re celebrating never-ending love! We believe in the magic of jewellery and the alchemy of feeling. And our Never-Ending Bracelets are the ultimate symbol of an unbreakable bond and eternal love.

To celebrate their 10th Valentine’s Day together, we invited Rebecca, one of our Anna + Nina team members, and her boyfriend Jesse to our Atelier to get their Never-Ending Bracelet. Delicately zapped on their wrists, these bracelets are made to last forever.

Whilst they were getting their bracelets measured and zapped, we took the opportunity to find out more about these childhood sweet hearts, from their very first date to favourite adventures, we quizzed the couple to find out more about their love story.

Never Ending Bracelet

What was your first date like?
Rebecca: As any other 14 -15 year olds, we were very broke. So we just walked around the neighbourhood next to the Vondelpark in Amsterdam, where you have these huge, gorgeous houses. We were just chatting about the houses and getting to know each other. I remember, I was wearing my new shoes, all dressed up for our first date. Then the rain started pouring down and Jesse walked me all the way back to my house in West. Of course my new shoes were ruined, but it was worth it. We found shelter from the rain in front of a store on the corner of the Amstelveenseweg. Every time we pass that corner we think about our first date. Once we reached my front door, we had our very first kiss.

Describe the other person in 3 words
Jesse about Rebecca: funny, spicy and sincere
Rebecca about Jesse: supportive, handsome and funny

Describe the silliest thing you’ve fought about.
Rebecca: Ceramics… I can’t get enough of it and Jesse is getting sick of all the mugs, plates and bowls I buy. Sorry I guess

If you’d had to pick a movie or song to describe your relationship, what would it be?

Jesse: We had a lot of fun with this one, here are some of our thoughts:
- die hard
- Shutter island
- Shawshank redemption
- Locked up - akon
- A clockwork orange
But in all seriousness, most of all - let’s stay together from Al Green

Tell us one of your inside jokes
Jesse: That would be telling! We only need one look in a lot of situations and we will just burst out laughing.

What is the best thing about the other person?
Jesse about Rebecca: Whether it’s good or bad news, Rebecca is always the first person I want to talk to, because she knows me like no one else and she will always give me the best advise.

Rebecca about Jesse: Jesse has some kind of energy around him, if I feel stressed or unsure, he can always calm me down. He makes sure everything will be fine. And I can’t complain about his looks either. And his booty is also a +

Tell us about one of your favourite days together?

Rebecca: It's quite hard to think about one favourite day, but one day that always comes to our minds was a few years ago on our first trip together to Berlin. We stumbled upon a very cool swimming pool that was inside a river. After that we walked to the metro and we had one of the best take-aways ever, made in the tiniest kitchen we had ever seen. We still talk about this day a lot.

What is the best gift you’ve ever given /received from the other person?
Rebecca: We gifted each other a trip to London - that was a very good trip. Jesse always buys very personal gifts for me, things that can last a lifetime and this year he bought me a very beautiful vintage watch that was made in 1998 - the year I was born.

Jesse: Yeah, that trip was good! I used to live in the London so it's always nice to go back and visit our favourite spots! Rebecca recently bought a tattoo for me for my birthday, It's from an artist I love and well, it will be on my body forever so I guess we're both good at the 'gifts that last a lifetime'!

They say opposites attract, do you believe that to be true and how do you differ?
Rebecca: Yes we do, we are quite different in some ways. Jesse is a lot calmer than I am, but because of that we balance each other out.

Since you have been together for 10 years now, tell us, what's your secret?
Rebecca and Jesse: Good communication and don’t take each other for granted. but also making sure that you live your own life and finding a good balance.

What does love mean to you?
Rebecca: Love means that you can be completely yourself with the other person. To know each other inside out, to laugh and cry with one another. We always look forward to seeing each other after work and to spend time together. We really see ourselves growing old together which makes us very exciting for all the the years to come.

Jesse: Yes exactly, we really see ourselves growing old together which makes us very exciting for all the the years to come. I always joke that once we are very old we will race each other in wheelchairs. 

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februari 03, 2022