Favourite Brunch Spots for Mother’s Day

With only a few weeks ahead, Mother’s Day is around the corner — the perfect opportunity to show your mom (grandmother, daughter, or anyone special in particular) some extra appreciation.

One way to celebrate this day is by treating her to a delicious brunch. We've gathered our favourite places to make Mother’s Day extra special. Brunches, lunches and everything she likes: take her to one of our favourite Brunch Spots in Amsterdam…


Libertine is a haven for foodies and brunch enthusiasts looking to indulge in a mouthwatering menu with no-bullshit ingredients and a glass of champagne on the side. Sip on a refreshing mimosa or a specialty coffee, both their Amsterdam locations are a big hit.

Breman Brasserie

The recently opened Breman Brasserie (located in The Hoxton Hotel) gives all the more reason to visit Amsterdam East. Where culinary delights meet cozy charm: as you walk through the doors, you're greeted by the tantalizing aroma of freshly prepared dishes. So, grab a seat, soak in the inviting atmosphere, and let their Weekend Brunch menu inspire you. Buttermilk waffle, spiced aubergine bitterballen or Zeeland oysters from the Raw Bar, what is not to like?


Barbounia has taken its place in Amsterdam’s Conservatorium Hotel. The restaurant offers all the best from Mediterranean cuisine, which can be tried with their Bellini Brunches. Freshly baked bread, sizzling meats, and aromatic spices that transport you to the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean.


Bennies is a newbie in town, but by the looks (and taste) of it, will be a great brunch alternative right outside the busiest area’s of Amsterdam. Bennies is a popular (brunch) spot known for its creative take on classic dishes and cozy atmosphere. Think flaky croissants, buttery pain au chocolats, and crusty baguettes served with a variety of artisanal jams and spreads.

Brasserie Margaux

Located in a charming setting, Brasserie Margaux is loved by many since it has opened its doors, not even that long ago. Brasserie Margaux is our cheat on this list and offers a Petit Dejeuner (which is actually not that petit), we could not skip this place in our favorites for brunch. Pair your breakfast with a glass of freshly squeezed juice, a steaming cup of espresso, or a flute of champagne and dine until the lunch menu opens for more deliciousness. Bon appetit!


Brunches at Celia’s are famous for their 'as many Mimosa’s, Bloody Marys and prosecco’s as you can handle'. Rise and shine at Celia and endless bubbles, brunch treats are included.


Located in Amsterdam West, Gitane offers a unique and flavourful brunch experience. Gitane is known for its fusion of Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and combined with spices and ingredients from all over the world, creating a mishmash-menu that has enough options to choose from. Whatever you do, do not skip their shakshuka or chocolate ganache.

Juliette Amsterdam

Juliette Amsterdam is a laidback corner café where walk-ins are the way to go. Their brunch menu is top tier, from savory to sweet, and offer a good selection of options hard to choose from. Freshly brewed coffee, baked goods, and sizzling brunch dishes, Juliette sets the stage for a memorable dining experience.

Café de Willem

Café De Willem is a charming restaurant located in a picturesque setting, known for its cozy ambiance and delicious cuisine. Whether you're looking for a casual meal or a special dining. The menu at De Willem features a small, but curated, selection. Indulge in hearty classics like sour dough sandwiches, a comforting dish with baba ganoush and poached eggs. At De Willem, every dish is crafted with a focus on quality ingredients and traditional cooking techniques, ensuring a satisfying and flavourful meal. 

Café Restaurant Amsterdam

Or - as we’ve appreciatively nicknamed the place - Cradam, does not officially host a brunch. But the options on their menu’s are endless and we spot great possibilities for lengthy brunches: madeleines, toast and many more.

If you are feeling extra cheeky ask for the sticky toffee cake (our favourite on the dinner menu).


Or (how they call themselves) Locals All Day Brunch - specifically their location at the Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat (in De Pijp area). From bowls, sandwiches and eggs-your-way, your Sunday brunch is savored with a good coffee in hand. 

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