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If our FW22 collection were an era, it would be London in the 1960s, colloquially known as "the swinging sixties". The illumination of newfound freedoms manifested into quirky fashionistas, playful patterns and a kaleidoscope of colourful geometric and sculpted jewellery. Our artful curation of FW22 jewellery is a visual celebration. Bursting with colour, the collection combines bold and uplifting pieces that will transport you to a different era. Escape the ordinary and discover our FW22 jewellery collection.

Anna + Nina - FW22 Jewellery collection - blog
Anna + Nina - FW22 jewellery collection - new in
Anna + nina - FW22 Jewellery - blog
Anna + Nina - FW22 Jewellery - Blog
Anna + Nina - FW22 Jewellery Collection - Blog
Discover our new FW22 Jewellery collection here. 
augustus 02, 2022