We believe that Sundays are created with one sole purpose - to slow down and be happy! Now, pour a cup of deliciously hot coffee, snug in your favourite kimono and treat yourself to a delightfully lazy morning. To set the mood, we’ve curated a round-up of our favourite tips to make your Sunday utterly perfect.


Wake up and Shine!

A truly good morning is one that starts with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. We love using bright coffee mugs that add a splash of cheerful colour to the day and put a broad happy smile on our faces.


Anna + Nina - Mugs - Sunday Morning Blog


…or stay in bed!

Not ready to get out of bed? Opt for our dreamy loungewear to enjoy morning cuddles in bed. 


Anna + Nina - Mugs - Sunday Morning Blog
Anna + Nina - Loungewear - Sunday Morning Blog



Focus on the small luxuries that bring much joy. A masterfully created flower arrangement or a bunch of vivid field flowers do the trick nicely. Reach for your favourite vase to add the perfect finishing touch.


Anna + Nina - Vase - Sunday Morning Blog


Anna + Nina - Vase - Sunday Morning Blog


Create a spa-like sanctuary at home. Run yourself a warm bubbly bath. Put your favourite music on and light a few beautiful candles in an array of prismatic colours. Ready, reset, relax!

Anna + Nina - Candle Holders - Sunday Morning Blog


The joy of jewellery!

Even if you’re staying in the whole day, put on your favourite jewellery just for the sheer pleasure of dressing up and enjoying yourself wholly this Sunday morning!


Anna + Nina - Sunday Morning - Blog
maart 13, 2022