Discover the new brand: MANO MANO

Mano Mano is a brand new label from Buenos Aires Argentina that supports local women artisans. They extend a helping hand, preserving their crafts and creating a positive, sustainable change by ensuring their artisans are paid fair prices for their work. Mano Mano strives to be the gateway for local crafts to find a global home.

This first collection was specially made for Anna + Nina, hand painted by Casa Almacen.

The Move

Living abroad had always been a cherished dream for Emelie. In 2021, as the world recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic, she and her husband decided it was time to make the move. With one-way tickets in hand, they and their three children embarked on a new adventure with minimal knowledge about their destination, uncertain immigration prospects, and no understanding of the local schooling system. They boarded the plane with seven suitcases and two weeks' worth of hotel bookings, armed with no concrete plans—just an eagerness to see how things would unfold.

How it began

Almost immediately upon arriving, Buenos Aires captured Emelie's heart. It wasn't just the country's rich history or the beautiful architecture with European influences that enchanted her, but also, and especially, the people. The locals were unexpectedly open, welcoming, and generous, a surprising revelation given the country's challenging economic conditions and the widespread poverty affecting over half of its population.

Originally a TV commercial producer with extensive international filming experience, Emelie was captivated by the local craftsmanship. Her affinity for textiles led her to learn the traditional Argentine weaving techniques, a skill that quickly blossomed into a fervent passion. Now, she dedicates herself to creating art and textile pieces, drawing inspiration from the works and stories of 20th-century female textile artists like Louise Bourgeois, who transformed her kitchen into a studio after her husband's death, and Sheila Hicks, whose once-overlooked textile art has now achieved global recognition and respect.

MANO MANO the brand

During Emelie’s relentless pursuit of traditional Argentine craftsmen, she met Mariana from Casa Almacen's hand-painted fabrics in Buenos Aires, her craftsmanship and amazing colour sense inspired her to start "ManoMano." This project supports local women artisans who produce functional items from fabrics with stories, emphasizing quality and meticulous attention to detail. Emelie is committed to refining designs that rejuvenate traditional crafts and is thrilled about their upcoming collection, which includes tops made from antique embroidered tablecloths.

Emelie is determined to ensure her business makes a positive impact.

With the initial profits, she has begun funding local projects aimed at improving educational opportunities for young girls.

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