Nina: “Anna and I started Anna + Nina when we were two twenty-somethings with a pocket full of dreams. As we’ve got older, we’ve become more and more drawn to real 14k gold instead of gold plated/dipped/filled pieces, which are fading within a couple of years. We wanted to invest in the ‘real thing’, more expensive pieces that will last a lifetime (and beyond). That’s why the idea of the Solid Gold Collection popped up in our minds. Rings, charms, earrings inspired by vintage jewels with an Anna + Nina touch. Anna’s grandma was a goldsmith and she’s got the most enviable collection of stones, so it made logical sense to us to use a lot of (gem)stones in this collection. Golden fact: the Anna Ring Emerald is inspired by a ring which was made by Anna’s grandma herself.”  

Anna: “Nina’s mom loves to wear lots of heavy golden rings. This inspired us to create our Double Ring Diamond; a ring you stop thinking about once you’ve laid your eyes on it. Our Solid Gold Collection is a lot more timeless than our other collections, and is filled with pieces that are made to wear forever and always.”
A+N - Solid Gold
All Solid Gold is made using 14 karat gold. The best thing about this is that - compared to gold-plated jewels - you can wear this all the time (and yes, even during swimming, showering, work-outs) and the gold won’t fade away. 

Once every year we launch some new Solid Gold pieces which we add to the collection. But we also take some (older) pieces from the collection and replace them with other solid golden loves. The reason for this is to keep it exclusive so that not everyone around the world will wear the same pieces. The prices of Solid Gold vary all the time, because the gold price always goes up and down, meaning that one piece can become more expensive in the next year than it was before. 

The idea behind our Solid Gold collection is that those glistening treasures can be worn for good, handed over from generation to generation. Anna and Nina both inherited the most precious jewels from their ancestors and dream away by the idea of handing them over to their own daughters one day. Buying golden jewellery is the greatest investment you can ever make, ‘cause its worth will double - or even triple.
A+N - Solid Gold
Need some more inspo on how to wear our Solid Gold collection? Watch our how-to video below: 

May 10, 2020