Please get in touch when you received a damaged or faulty product. E-mail us on and attach a picture and the order number. Contact us as well if you are not sure your item is as it should be, or does not close properly.

We offer:


2 months warranty on Gold Plated & Silver items. Starting from date of purchase.

1 year on 14k & Vintage items. Starting from date of purchase.

This warranty does not apply to:

  • Scratches caused by normal wear
  • Improper use or storage of your product
  • Items modified or altered by any third party outside of Anna + Nina


Good to know

This warranty does not apply on products purchased in stores or webshops other than or our Official Anna + Nina Stores. Please contact the shop you purchased your item from.

Warranty is valid from the date of purchase and does not change when items are not worn until later.

We cannot cover lost items such as earrings. We need the defective item back to offer compensation or repair. You may contact us via to see if we have spare items.

Retroactive solutions are not possible, report any complaint(s) right away.


NEC Warranty

The refined design of the Never-Ending Jewellery Collection captures a wearable reminder of timelessness. Please note that each and every jewellery piece is fragile. Therefore, we advise you to be as careful as ever with your Never-Ending Piece.  


Our warranty is applicable to the following cases: 

• If, in any urgent situation (such as a medical appointment) it is mandatory for your Never-Ending item to be removed, please come back and we will re-secure it in one of our Anna + Nina stores. If possible, please open the bracelet at the connecting ringlet, this assures we can re-attach it without damaging the chain. 

• In case you have lost your Never-Ending item and found it again, please bring the chain to one of our Anna + Nina stores. We’re happy to check if we can re-secure it again.  


Our warranty is not applicable in the following cases: 

• In case your Never-Ending jewellery has snapped off. 

• As your Never-Ending Piece will be worn perpetually, traces of wear will arise. Your chain could stretch over time.  

• Losing your Never-Ending isn’t covered by our warranty as it can’t be checked for any possible manufacturing errors. We need to assess the item back in our shop to offer repair or compensation 

• If you notice a change in the colour (intensity) of your white gold Never-Ending piece, please note that changes in colour might occur as a result of a combination of: contact with chemicals in cosmetics, water, the ph-level of your skin and other harsh materials.

• In case the original size does not fit anymore. We measure the right size during our appointment and do not offer warranty if the bracelet becomes too small overtime due to various reasons.