Brighten every moment with our out-of-the-box designs made of valuable materials that celebrate true craftsmanship.

The Piercing Shop

The AN x Romy Piercing studio collection will take the piercing experience to a new level, providing a unique emporium of simplistic and embellished piercing accessories.

Standout pieces elevate your everyday ear curation. Pops of lustrous pearl, aquamarine, sunrise yellows and ruby reds in the forms of gemstones are encrusted with 14k gold that perfectly hugs the ear.


We believe that fine jewellery pieces possess a rare quality of preserving wonderfully special moments for decades and generations to come. 

We combined contemporary design with precious stones full of symbolism to create jewellery pieces that will carry your unique story. Our birthstone collection is full of treasures that make memories.

Custom Made Rings

Our Custom Made collection allows you to create your very own unique ring.

Create your distinctively personal treasure by opting for gemstones with a special meaning—be it the birthstones of your loved ones, a stone that reminds you of a certain moment, or a gem of your favourite colour. Whatever you choose, this piece will surely become your signature style and lifelong treasure.