Need help in finding your ring size? Don’t worry, we have created a quick way for you to check your ring size to ensure you purchase the correct size!     

Do you already have a ring that fits perfectly?
1. Select an existing ring that fits the desired finger.

2. Place the ring on a ruler and simply measure the internal
diameter of the ring. Make sure that you measure
in millimeters, measuring the inside of the ring.

3. Once you have the inside diameter you can check
which size is right for you with the guide below.

Find your perfect ring size by measuring the diameter of a ring that fits you perfectly. Find instructions above on how to do this.

Do you already know your UK, US or EU ring size? Check in the ring size chart below which size would fit best. The column most left refers to both Anna + Nina's sizing as well as the ring diameter in mm.
Example 1: In case you normally have a size US 7, your ring size would be a size 17.5

Example 2: In case your own ring has a diameter of 15,10 mm / 0.59 inch, your ring size would be a size 15.

Size Chart