Get pierced at our AN x Romy Piercing Studio

You can get pierced by one of our experienced piercers in our all-new Piercing Studio located at the Herengracht 369. All you have to do is book an appointment and in store you will choose your desired piercing from our new AN x Romy piercing collection.

Piercing placements and our method

At The Piercing Studio, we pride ourselves on the personalised service that we offer each of our clients. Your piercing appointment will start with our trained professional piercers who will explain the piercing options and placements as well as giving you one-to-one styling advice, so that you can choose the perfect piercing and placement that is right for you.

After this, our piercers will welcome you into the studio and make sure that you are comfortable and ready for your piercing. They will execute their craft as gently as possible and provide you with all the aftercare instructions you need to ensure your piercings heals properly, so that you can enjoy your beautiful new jewellery.


How does it work?

Get pierced

If you want to get pierced in our piercing studio you can follow these steps.

1. Book an appointment online to get pierced in our piercing studio. Choose the date and time that suits you. Our agenda will open up every month.

2. In the store you will choose your desired piercing from our AN x ROMY piercing studio collection.

3. Our well trained and specialised piercers will work their magic and elevate your everyday ear curation.

What are the prices of the piercings?

The AN x ROMY Piercing collection starts from €109,95.

What is the cost of the piercing service?

When you choose to get pierced at our piercing shop, you'll be charged for your selected piercing, and there is an additional fee of €35 for the piercing service itself.

Which store offers the piercing service?

You can get pierced by one of our experienced piercers in our all-new Amsterdam Piercing Studio located at the Herengracht 369.

Can you buy a piercing online and get it pierced at the piercing studio?

Unfortunately, you can not buy the item online and use the item to get pierced since the item needs to be sterilised for the piercing process.

If you would like to get a new piercing then you will need to book an appointment for a piercing (click here) and purchase the piercing of your choice from the store during your appointment.

Do you pierce with a needle?

All our piercings are pierced with a needle. This makes the process itself much safer and less painful. In the
piercing process, we use a hollow needle that opens a small space in the skin, safely pushing the tissue aside to make room for the jewellery to be inserted.

However for earlobes we do offer the option to get pierced with a piercing gun. 

Which length do we use to pierce with?

The first time we always pierce with an 8mm or 10mm piercing back. We advise you to visit the piercing boutique again after 3 months for a check-in, and if possible on recommendation from our piercers a 6mm back part can be purchased. We would hold on to the 8mm or 10mm piercing back since it can be useful to have the original length in case of swelling when your immune system is a bit down.

Is it possible to get pierced with a ring?

Unfortunatly not. We only pierce the daith piercing with a ring. The other piercings will be pierced with a stud.

How long is the healing process?

The healing period depends on the area of the piercing. Most of the healing takes place within 8 weeks for an earlobe piercing. For a cartilage piercing (anywhere outside the lobe), most surface healing happens in the first 12 weeks however, the deeper part of the piercing still needs a full 9 months to heal.

Should I downsize the back of my piercing?

Downsizing is the process of switching jewellery to a
shorter bar after the initial swelling has gone down after you get pierced.
It's important to downsize your jewellery in order to avoid potential
complications, such as irritations, bumps, or odd angles as your piercing heals

Piercing backs (€49,95) are available in our Piercing Studio at the Herengracht.

Questions & Advice

If there are any other questions you have regarding your piercing, the healing process, downsizing the back of your piercing etc. you can send your questions via WhatsApp to the following number: +31623311693 and one of our professional piercers will give you fitting advice.

Please note: We only answer questions during opening hours. Click here to see the opening hours.