Our second collection with Romy Boomsma is finally here! Together we’ve brought a wondrous fairy-tale to life, creating a collection filled with roses, leopards, and lockets. 

As great minds think alike, we believe that Anna + Nina and Romy are a golden match. We love how Romy’s thoughts flow together with ours, and how our different tastes merge into one. As we both love colours and are inspired by everything vintage, two worlds became one in this eclectic and colourful collection. 

We found inspiration in vintage finds, illustrations, and exotic places far away. Together, we consciously didn’t want to create something commercial. Instead, we wanted to create extraordinary forever jewels that can be enjoyed for an entire lifetime and beyond! 

For this collection, we chose to use 14k gold again, but this time have also added some silver for all our silver-lovers! Necklaces, bracelets, and rings, covered with coloured enamel, seed-pearls, and gems like citrine, amethyst, marcasite, lapis lazuli, and rose quartz. This time, we didn’t stick to jewels, but also added some accessories - a one-size-fits-all kimono with a matching bag - crafted from soft black velvet with fuchsia pink and dark green satin linings. Our kimono is even covered with a handful of embroidered poppies. If this kimono was a dream, this would be your wildest one.

Because of the unexpected explosion of love we received from the last collaboration, this collection will be pre-order only, that way we can make sure we won’t disappoint any of you.
A+N - AN X ROMY 2020

First, choose your favourites from the collection (which will be hard to choose). 

 add them to your bag and checkout as normal, so yes, this does mean you pay for your order straight away. 

After that, your order will be placed and your items will be created for you. Your dreamy items will be delivered around the end of September, and will arrive to you in the cutest bags and velvet boxes.

Very important 
Our pre-order will end on the 29th of June, meaning that after that there is absolutely no possibility to get hold of the collection anymore. In this way the uniqueness of the pieces will remain, as all items are exclusively designed by Romy and Anna + Nina.

Price ranges: €49,95 - €1.395,-. Exclusively online available on pre-order: 09/06/2020 - 29/06/2020.



June 09, 2020