Vintage, vintage, vintage… we love vintage! What’s not to love? Finding a one-of-a-kind treasure that no one else has, owning something that has history and a mysterious story behind it! And because we love it so much we wanted to be able to find a way to offer it to our customers and well, just like everything else, we did it the Anna + Nina way! 

We have been in the Jewellery business for many years and have built up an amazing portfolio of contacts and great partners which means we are always the first to hear about new vintage rings on the market. We are always sourcing the rings locally however the rings can come from all over the world. Whilst we would love to really hunt down to find the original origin of each ring, that’s almost impossible! So instead we prefer to get creative and imagine our own stories of where the rings may have come from and who might have worn them, after all, we like a little bit of mystery and personally think this adds to the character of the rings.
A+N - Vintage Rings
As soon as we get news of new rings, our team of in-house specialist buyers gets to work! Not only do they have a great eye for the prettiest jewels but also know what to look for, different stones, cuts, and materials, their specialist knowledge allows us to make sure we pick the best out of the bunch! After we have sourced the rings we hand them over to our in-house goldsmith who individually checks each ring and cleans them so they are nice and shiny ready to go to their new homes! 
A+N - Vintage rings

Other useful information about our Vintage rings:

How often will you launch Vintage Rings online?

As the demand for our Vintage rings is increasing we are hoping to launch a new batch every month! You can keep an eye on our IG and sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know! Did you know that we are also selling vintage rings in our stores? You can find them in the stores below: 
1. Atelier 
2. Herengracht 
3. Oever 
Are the rings in the stores different from the ones online? 

Yes, absolutely! We have different rings online and in-stores. They are all unique and different! 

Can the rings be resized? 

The simple answer is, not always. Our goldsmith carefully assesses each and every ring to ensure they are of high quality and checks if they can be resized, and if so, to which sizes. We always include this information in the description of each ring online, so you can always check this before you buy. As we have our own Atelier, we do offer a resizing service. You can find out more information about that here.
Is it possible to request a specific style? 
We are always looking for feedback from our customers, so would love to hear if you want to see specific styles. You can make a request for a particular style to us at and we will do our very best to find the perfect ring for you!
A+N - Vintage Rings
March 24, 2020