Anna + Nina was founded by two female entrepreneurs, and we’ve since then employed over 20  inspirational women, in the roles of finance, e-commerce, art direction and sales. These women and their diverse profiles show what can happen when we pursue our dreams.

I never imagined to work with so many women, and to raise three girls! My wish for all of these women is that they will make their own choices, to become whoever and whatever they want, free from the ‘musts’ and ‘shoulds’ of our society. If I can lead any of them in that direction, or set some kind of example, that would be a wish come true for me. 

Anna de Lanoy Meijer, co-owner Anna + Nina.


A+N - Happy womensday

And because Anna + Nina loves women, we decided to give something back. One of our employees volunteered last year at IDEX in Nepal, teaching local women English. It’s called the Women’s Empowerment Program and they have this program in 5 countries around the world. 

We love this initiative and would be honoured to support this charity. 

Today (Sunday, March 8), 10% of our online turnover will be donated to this program.
 So treat yourself on this special day and support this amazing initiative!


A+N - Happy Womensday

March 08, 2020