How to decorate your Christmas Table... 
By Anna de Lanoy Meijer, co-owner Anna + Nina 

You know what’s even more exciting than the Christmas dinner? Setting the table! Put on your Christmas playlist, and take a few hours to prep for a (not so) silent night. We’ve got everything you need - from delicate tableware to funky ornaments - to create a dreamy table scene. We’ll show you how to do it! So set your Christmas table, then dance on it later. 
A+N - How to decorate your christmas table
STEP 1: The first step to creating a magical Christmas table is using a tablecloth. This can be any tablecloth you want, but we suggest picking one that fits with the other items you are going to use. So think about colours and the overall look you want to create. We have chosen our ‘Navy Christmas Table Cloth’ and will use lots of gold accessories! 

STEP 2: Now add your plates to the table. Most of the time (with Christmas) you have a full-course dinner and therefore you need different plates. For example starter, main and dessert plates. For a real Anna + Nina table, it’s all about mix and match! Think different patterns, materials, colours, etc. We are using a lot of the Jolly Christmas Plates because we love the golden quote on them, it’s so festive! 

STEP 3: Now for the ‘pies de la resistance’; the real mood-maker of the table. Think Christmas branches, redcurrant, or other foliage that you like. For this, we are using (of course) both. Remember - our golden rule - too much is never enough! Spread the foliage throughout the centre of the table and make sure to cover the entire length. Tip: You can buy these types of branches and foliage from most florists at this time of the year. 

STEP 4: Create some romance and make your Christmas super cosy and festive with a lot (and when we say a lot, that means a lot) of candles. For the most beautiful effect, use long candles. Add candles everywhere on the table. This doesn't need to be perfect, we are going for perfectly imperfect! Here are some of the candle holders we have used: 

STEP 5: Time to take a step back and find the gaps in between the branches and the candles. You can fill these up with decorations like cinnamon sticks, baubles, flowers, etc. Be creative! Maybe you would like to put some little presents in between? We have lots of little gift ideas for you to choose from! 
A+N - How to Decorate your christmas table
STEP 6: When it comes to cutlery and glassware, you probably have a special set or a mix and match of ones you have collected over the years. We love adding quirky, fun pieces to our personal collection, and this year we have chosen the ‘Ostrich Butter Knife’ and the ‘Sun Teaspoon’ that add a touch of gold to each table setting. For glassware, we really love to keep it classic and highly recommend the Mystery Glassware pieces.: 

STEP 7: Time to add a personal touch. We love adding name cards whenever we have dinner parties and normally we would stick to traditional cards. But since it’s a special occasion, and to be more slightly more original, we are using an ornament with the initial of each of our guests on it. This also doubles up a small gift for your guests. Sweet touch, right? 

STEP 8: Something that be can not be missed on the table is - of course - our Christmas Nutcrackers. A Christmas dinner is not complete without some colourful paper crowns and the sound of those snaps cracking! Look at these fun ones.
A+N - How to decorate your christmas tree
STEP 9: It’s all in the details, so don’t forget those all-important finishing touches! We are using the ‘Santa Claus Napkin Holder’ and the ‘Happy Holidays Napkin Holder’ from our collection to bring a traditional Christmas touch to our table. And to add another little extra touch, we are adding satin ribbons to our chairs. You can choose any colour or fabric you want to match your decor or table setting. 

STEP 10: Light your candles, play the music and pour the wine. YOU MADE IT. Let the party begin! 
Happy Holidays!

Love, Anna

December 10, 2019