"How to decorate your Christmas Tree"
By Nina Poot (co-owner Anna + Nina)
There are two types of Christmas trees: 1. the boring ones, and 2. the crazy cool, over-the-top, wowzer, in your face ones. We don’t have to tell you which one is our fav. Want to decorate your Christmas tree in an Anna + Nina kind of way? We’ll show you how to adorn your tree like a pro, with a step-by-step plan. All you need is some twinkling lights, gingerbread cookies (as a snack in between), and your collection of  Christmas ornaments. Go wild, have a ball!
A+N - How to Decorate your christmas tree

STEP 1: The first step to create a beautiful Christmas tree is adding the lights around the tree.  Always remember to take a step back and have a look to ensure the lights are evenly spread.

Tip: Squint your eyes when checking it will help you to see if there are any gaps of light.

STEP 2: Tie ribbons into your tree to give it an extra touch. We love to have as many textures as possible, think velvets, satins and glittery threads. We chose red ribbon to create a classic Christmas look in combination with the green tree.

A+N - How to decorate your christmas tree

Step 3: Now it is time for the basic baubles. Here you can use more simplistic styles to create a good foundation. (The definition of basic will be different for everyone). 

Tip:  Don't forget to hang baubles close to the trunk. This way your Christmas tree will get a more voluminous feeling. 

Step 4: Here is where the fun begins! Fill in all the gaps with as many crazy and colourful baubles as you can, adding your personal baubles you've collected from previous years. If you don't have enough, we are always here for you! 

Tip: Keep in mind: "too much is never enough"! 

A+N - How to decorate your christmas tree

Step 5: You are almost done. Now that your Christmas tree is shining and is the most beautiful one in the neighbourhood, it's time to add all of your lovely gifts underneath. Don't forget to add some Anna+Nina treasures for your loved ones.

A+N - How to decorate your christmas tree

A+N - How to decorate your christmas tree

Step 6: Last but not least make the rest of your house cosy with Christmas decorations. Think Christmas stars, candles, lights, etc.  Press play on your Christmas playlist (in which Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé should not be missed of course) and your tree is completely ready for Christmas!

Happy Holidays! 

Love, Nina




December 03, 2019