What is the Charlie Braveheart foundation?
The Charlie Braveheart Foundation aims to make the unbearable more bearable. Hospital treatments for children ranging from First Aid Posts to Orthopaedics, Burns Units, Rheumatology, ENT and Oncology can be a traumatic experience. Their mission is to train medical and nursing professionals in order to help alleviate children’s suffering. 
Why did we choose this cause?
We chose the Charlie Braveheart foundation as it this is a cause very close to our own hearts, not only do we personally know Charlie Braveheart but one of our own children have been hospitalized for months so we can really resonate with just how stressful it can be. We are very proud to support the foundation and in doing so are donating all profits generated from the sales of our Charlie Braveheart Balloon ornament to the foundation.  
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November 01, 2019