It was around 18 months ago that we first had contact with Atelier Labro's founder, Lisa Galenkamp. It was actually through lots of the Anna + Team discovering the brand themselves through Instagram that this exciting new brand came to our attention. We immediately loved Lisa's distinct signature style and wanted to find out more. 

Before we knew it we were sat having coffee together, hearing first hand about Lisa's inspirations and her connection to Italy, and the strong relationships she has formed with her suppliers. We instantly hit it off and were chatting away about all the possibilities and how soon we could sell Atelier Labro in our Anna + Nina stores and online. 
Fast forward to today and we look back to that first meeting with a big smile. One of the things we are very proud of is all of the other cool brands we are selling both online and in-store and we want to give you, our customers a closer look into those brands and to feel inspired the same way we do! 
Although it wasn't quite the same kind of catch up as we'd hoped to have had with Lisa and the Atelier Labro team (due to the obvious pandemic circumstances) we reached out to ask her a bunch of questions so that we could get to know the brand just a little bit more...
Can you tell our readers who the face behind Atelier Labro is? 
My name is Lisa Galenkamp, I am 27 years old and enjoy life by drinking good wine with my dear friends and family. 
Where did your passion for jewellery come from and what made you want to pursue it as a career?
I started Labro with my passion for Italy and love for unique, high-quality products. I’ve always worked in the retail industry and turning my passion for ‘dolce far niente’ into a retail brand was a dream that came true. For me Labro is more than jewellery, it’s a lifestyle, a world to dive in and become inspired. The fiori collection became our iconic piece and it still feels like a perfect Italian summer accessory, the vibe we want to create.
What have been your biggest challenges in building a brand?
On one hand, everything is turning and changing really fast, growing from a one-man at home company to a team with cool girls in a new atelier. On the other hand, there are way more dreams and ideas than there is time or money. It’s the battle of every young company and while the daily rollercoaster is rolling we have challenging days and amazing ones! 
Can you tell us about some artists and brands that have influenced you?
I feel inspired by artists and brands that don’t follow the mass or trends but following their own style and vibe. Think about La Veste, the concept behind Harmony Paris, Ganni, and Wolfware. For our collections, I feel inspired by classic Mediterranean holiday vibes. For example, the new SS21 collection will be an Italian Boutique Hotel atmosphere full of new luxurious accessories.


A+N - Atelier Labro

We love your signature style, the florals and beads are simply a breath of fresh air! Can you remember the first piece you ever made and how did evolve into the style you have now?

I do remember creating our first sample, it’s an old school technique but we’ve worked on an updated more fashionable design. During the process of the first samples, I wasn’t able to make them myself, yet. I selected the thread, beads, and closures and designed it by sketching and communicating with Mirjam. The lady who helped me launching our first batch. After a while, the necklaces became a huge success and I took an at-home course to learn to make the jewellery myself. At this moment all team members of Labro are making tens of necklaces each week.  

We would love to know more about your creative process, can you give us some insights?
It’s a bit cliche but I feel inspired when I’m in nature, alone. Most creative ideas pop-up during one of my runs in the dunes of Kennemerland. A wonderful nature reserve in the area of Haarlem. I love to start working in the atelier creating new designs and work out new plans. Preferably with some fresh flowers, candles and good music around me. A cozy, clean, and organized space is important for me, our new atelier is the perfect place! 

We absolutely love the Italian flair of the brand. What made you choose Italy as the setting for your brand?
I wasn’t looking for a destination for my brand, I was looking for a collection inspired by Italy. Since my early childhood, I’ve spent every summer in the Southern European land. With close family, and friends that became as close as family to. It’s the Mediterranean lifestyle and love for pure materials and ingredients that inspired me already years ago. It feels like a second home and I can’t describe why I feel so inspired when I’m there, it's a kind of rest.   

A+N - Atelier Labro

Do you have any brands or artists that you would like to collaborate with in the future?

I’d love to start collaborations with cool Italian hotels. To create limited edition hotel wear and a luxurious jewellery line. 

What’s next for Atelier Labro? Can you give us any sneak previews?

We’ve just launched our new website including our ‘Exclusive Lobby’. A lobby for members only where unique pieces, pre-orders, and more will be uploaded soon. Besides that, I’m currently designing our SS21 collection and can’t wait to show you more! 

Where is your favourite place in Italy?

My home away from home: Lago di Garda and the best city in Europe: Firenze.  

Because you are so inspired by Italy we’ve created a few Italian-inspired ‘this or that’ for you, are you ready?

• Pizza or Pasta? Pasta (Ravioli)
• Capri or Positano? Capri 
• Cappuccino or Espresso? Cappuccino (only before 11am)
• Gucci or Prada? Gucci 
• Negroni or Campari? Campari 
• Tiramisu or Cannoli? Tiramisu

Discover even more from Atelier Labro and check out their new website here.

November 01, 2020