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The Anna + Nina community is all about celebrating individuality and style and there’s nothing we love more than seeing all of you make our beautiful pieces your own. Join our community, show us your looks, be inspired and inspire all the other A + N girls! 

Do you know that feeling when you finally get your hands on a new sparkly piece of jewellery or set eyes on a candle holder that just seems to be missing from your fabulous brunch table setting? We know it all too well – all Anna + Nina girls do! 

The butterflies in your stomach, the twinkle in your eyes and that undeniable glow when it’s finally yours. We feel that moment is too special not to capture and share with the world, don’t you think?

Join the @annaninanl community and our marvellous world of wonder, filled with fabulous colours, whimsical flair and inspiration from all corners of the world!
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Lights, camera, action...
All it takes is a simple picture! So, we thought we’d share some of our top tips for that perfect shot. 

1. Lighting 
Anna + Nina beauties love to shine (yes, that’s you and all of our beautiful treasures), so make sure you get that lighting right. We love natural light and the Insta perfect ‘golden hour’ for the ultimate glow! 
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2. Details 
You are beautiful, so don’t be afraid to get close and personal and show us those pretty pieces! Join the picture, but don’t worry if you don’t, our beauties know how to shine all on their own. And remember, a high-quality shot will make those gorgeous details stand out even more. 
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3. Styling (You do you!) 
We absolutely love all our Anna + Nina pieces, but what makes them truly special is the styling. The way you mix and match your fave pieces and add your very own oh-so-special personal touch - that’s the real secret!  
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July 16, 2020