A+N - Atelier

The Atelier is our little pearl, hidden in an ancient canal house in the heart of Amsterdam. It’s a place where you can drool over the prettiest and one-of-a-kind 14K jewellery. Our teeny-tiny Atelier is where our experienced goldsmith Sophie does what she does best. She creates, remakes, and engraves 14K earrings, necklaces and a whole lot more. It’s also possible to sit down with Sophie and make your very own jewellery-design dream come to life! Do we need to say more? 

In our Atelier we sell our own jewellery collections, but also a big bunch of unique vintage finds, including rings, pendants and earrings. It’s hard to choose between all those breathtaking pieces, and we’re sure there’s something for everyone. Our goldsmith double-checks all our vintage treasures to make sure that they are of the highest quality and can last a lifetime and beyond. 

A+N - Atelier Herengracht

Our little Atelier feels oh-so-special to us, ‘cause it really brings you to the source of our brand. Here you can have an exclusive sneak-peek into the Anna + Nina ‘kitchen’ and see with your own eyes how we cook up our first ideas, that will turn into real jewels later. 

What makes our Atelier different from any other boutique, is that we’re not only selling our beloved items but that you can create your own designs together with Sophie. Seeing our goldsmith working her magic in the basement of the Atelier is one of the coolest things. You can even get your ears pierced by one of our Anna + Nina girls. And if you want to get your jewels polished or engraved, that’s no biggie either. For any questions you can just pop by; we’re happy to tell you everything about certain gemstones, our vintage loves, and our own collections.

A+N - Atelier Herengracht

July 02, 2020