As we are rushing to the end of 2020 (I mean: when. will. it. end.) we think November is the perfect month to put up your Christmas tree. Because when you're self isolating in a little Christmas village you call home, life will be better - guaranteed!

A+N - How to decorate a christmas tree

In four easy steps we will show you how to go about it, so there is zero stress (so step zero: grab a bottle of wine and all the snacks)

A+N - How to decorate a christmas tree
Step 1: Every tree needs lights, wether you prefer warm ones - very cool ones or those funky multicolored ones (who are we to judge?). Always put the lights in first before you start to decorate the Christmas tree. We actually have one that has build in lights and this really takes the edge off, just click and go.
Step 2: We love some colourful ribbons in the tree, it fills the tree with amazing colours and is easy to do! We prefer the silky or velvet ones in tones that match your ornaments. For an extra playful look, switch around with different shapes and sizes.
A+N - How to decorate a christmas tree

 Step 3: Now the fun part: Ornaments! Old, new, sentimental or in bulk - any will do. Of course we prefer the Anna+Nina ones, but we are very biased. This year our collection is a combination of Alice in Wonderland and Salvador Dalí so think flowers, quirky animals and amazing generic baubles. We at Anna+Nina prefer more is more, cause less is a bore!

Step 4: last but definitely not least! lay all the presents underneath the Christmas tree to give it a more cozy feeling (if you already have them of-course, if not then head over to our gifting section)
A+N - How to decorate a christmas tree 
We hope this was useful and if not, our lovely girls in store or from our customer service would love to help!
Merry Christmas
Anna + Nina
November 18, 2020