A+N - Buy a tree and save our world
Whilst we can’t wait to get our Christmas trees up this year, we can’t help but think about the impact of all those trees that will be sat outside on the streets in January...don't get us wrong, we love real trees, the fresh smell of a Nordmann fir tree in your house is just Christmas heaven! BUT surely, we can do better? Well, we have found the coolest foundation, EarthToday who are aiming to get 50% of the earth's grounds protected! How you might ask, well... for every €1.20 donated to them you are protecting 1m2 of the earth's greenery!
So, by now you are asking yourself, what are we donating? Something cool of course! We are auctioning off an entire (faux) Christmas tree! And not just any Christmas tree, an Anna + Nina Christmas Tree! Yup, this tree is fully decked out with Anna+Nina ornaments and lights, and the best part, Anna and Nina will personally deliver the tree to you! How cool is that!? 
Ok, so how do you get your hands on this tree you ask? We will post the picture of the tree on our IG feed on Thursday 19th November. It's an open auction so you simply comment under the picture with your bid, the bidding will start at €600 (the tree itself is worth €1500!). We will close the bidding on Sunday 22nd November at 23:59pm (CET). The highest bidder wins and 100% of the profits will be donated to EarthToday. Excited? We know we are!
Only available in the Benelux - Tree can be delivered from 1st December. 
Let’s start the season of giving with an amazing donation to EarthToday!
You can donate €1,20 to protect 1 m2 
Click here to donate for yourself!
Happy bidding!!!

Tree specs: 
- The tree is 2.70m
- Fully integrated lights
- Click-system
- Over seventy Anna + Nina ornaments
November 19, 2020