A+N - Christmas at home
This Christmas will be spent at home with our loved ones - drinking holy wine and dancing the (not-so) silent nights away. Is it just us, or are you also already excited about all the food you’re going to eat during the Holidays? Let’s start prepping and setting the Christmas table to get in the mood. Don’t know where to start? Hallelujah - we’ve got your back, and tell you how to do it step-by-step. Oh, and don’t forget about the mistletoe!
A+N - Christmas table setting
The first step is using a pretty tablecloth, think about the overall look you want to create - we usually prefer something in a light colour.
On to the shopping, go to your local flower market to get your favourite bouquets and stop by the store to get the freshest veggies!
And the part we look forward to the most, gathering all the ornaments. Some we've had for years and some we just bought in our store.
A+N - Christmas table
Don't forget to gather all the candles you can find, we'll need lots of them. The best way to create that cosy feeling!
A+N - Christmas tablesetting
Now start by setting up the table with your finest cutlery, cool plates, glamorous wine glasses and hand-painted bowls.
Get all the greenery to make a centrepiece. Use foliage, berries and pretty flowers to add colour and don’t forget to add ornaments to the centrepiece. The perfect moment to showcase them even more.
A+N - Christmas tablesetting
For the napkins we add a cute ribbon to match the rest of the table, so see what colours are in your flowers, ornaments and even food!
A+N - Christmas tablesetting
Add your fruits and veggies to the table in cute bowls. Also, add the candle holders in between the foliage and flowers.
Finally, you can add your favourite bottles of liquor, wine and even olive oil. By the end your table should have zero empty spots - more is more when it comes to Christmas!
A+N - Christmas tablesetting
Oh and, well it's Christmas so lots of gifts! Check out our gifting section here to find gifts for the whole family. 

A very Merry Christmas from the Anna+Nina team!
December 09, 2020