Vintage Rings  
All of the vintage rings sold online and instore are authentic Vintage rings, which means they are pre-owned and not ‘new’. We definitely think that this makes each piece unique and adds to the character of the Jewellery. All of our anna + nina vintage rings are locally sourced in Amsterdam and are hand-selected by our specialist who carefully evaluates each ring and asses the type(s) of metal, stones, and settings.                                                                                                
As the rings are Vintage they are already sized and not newly made to fit. On each product page, you can see which size the ring is available in. In order to help you, we have also added the possibilities for resizing each item. Please note that it is not possible to resize the rings to any size and there are limitations. The guidelines given are based on the possibilities at our Atelier, which means another goldsmith may or may not be able to offer the same possibilities. If you would like to have your ring resized by Anna + Nina following the possibilities stated in the item overview, you can only do so by visiting our Atelier in Amsterdam. Please note that there will be an additional charge for resizing (see below). Unfortunately, it is not possible to send us the goods via post, nor is it possible for us to ship the goods to you after resizing, the goods would need to be delivered and collected in person at our Atelier.                         
Adjustment costs by the anna + nina Atelier:
• Reducing the size €25.00 (per size)
• Enlarging the size €50 (per size)                                                                            
All of our Vintage Jewellery is guaranteed for 12 months. Please note that this warranty is void if the ring is adjusted by another goldsmith and once a ring has been resized we are unable to offer a refund.