Coming Soon: SS24 Jewellery

Wander through the fields of Woodstock

A voyage that transcends the realms of reality and imagination… This journey guides you through the tapestry of bygone eras to the artistry of contemporary designs. All with the purpose of unrestrained self-expression. Wander through the fields of Woodstock, where unabashed individuality manifests through free-spirited music, longing for peace, psychedelic dreams and a kaleidoscopic clash of patterns. Transport yourself onto the cobbled pathways of Amsterdam during the vibrant seventies, an era ruled by irreverence and the audacity of youthful counterculture. Bellbottoms sway to the rhythm of change, tie-dye canvases painted with rebellion, and the echo of feminism’s triumphant call—all converge in a cityscape that radiates boundless inspiration and strong identity. 

The collection pays tribute to nature’s wonders with rich and intricate, often surprising details. From celestial symbolism to peculiar flora- and fauna-inspired pieces—all ever-so-slightly off-beat—the SS24 jewellery pieces turn up the volume on saturated shades, effortlessly fusing masterful execution with design. Redefining maximalist allure, we have crafted distinct creations in silver and gold-plated silver, splashed with vivid enamel, Cabochon zirconia and gemstone beads.

Launching on February 6th, online and in stores.