Discover the behind the scenes of our SS24 Jewellery collection

Have you ever experienced a vibrant summer love that has unexpectedly swapped you off your feet and made you feel like all the shades of the evening sky were colliding?

Our SS24 jewellery collection will give you exactly this feeling of a passionate Summer Love and bring you into a psychedelic trance while transporting you into an age with free-spirited music and youthful counterculture where mismatched patterns are intentional and daring colours are combined with innovative shapes. 

This beautiful and vibrant collection was inspired by the vividly spirited 70s that enchanted Amsterdam with its tie-dye canvases, bellbottom jeans and outspoken female sisterhood whose triumph still echoes in our society today. These Eclectic Seventies have been known for their Groovy-ness, reflecting the laid-back and fashionable elements of the time.

The campaign shoot for the SS24 jewellery collection took place at the Parade Amsterdam. This is a yearly theatre festival that appears in different cities throughout The Netherlands where approximately 80 theatres, dance, mime and music performances are being held. Most of them are custom-produced for the Parade. Aside from having several stages the festival grounds also provide a small foodcourt and carousel which contribute to the perfect photo shoot backdrop for this Eclectic collection.