The Never-Ending Collection

Our Never-Ending collection has a selection of unique jewellery pieces that will last a lifetime - quite literally - these magical jewellery pieces are made to measure, and the links are welded together. Resulting in a 'permenant' treasure to wear forever! Not to mention, the process is pretty cool too.

How does it work?

You can choose between a bracelet, anklet and even a necklace and there is a variety of styles to choose from! Prices shown are per piece/per person (starting at €149,95). Our Never-Ending pieces are all made from 14K gold and they come in yellow and white gold.

You can choose between buying a Never-Ending Voucher (perfect for gifting) or booking an appointment and then choosing your Never-Ending Jewellery piece during your appointment.

Never-Ending Voucher

Perfect for gifting! You can now buy a Never-Ending Voucher and here is how is works:

1. Add the Never Ending piece that you wish to have welded in one of our stores to your webshop shopping cart

2. After purchase, a physical voucher will arrive soon at your doorstep. The perfect item to gift to someone, or to gift yourself!

3. Scan the QR-code on the back of the voucher and find a time and location that fits you

4. During your appointment, the chosen Never-Ending piece will be made to measure so it fits you perfectly. Once measured, the magic happens… the chains of your piece will be closed together(zap-zap!), and there you have it, your special Never-Ending piece is ready to wear forever and ever.

Prefer to book appointment first?

If you aren't sure about which Never-Ending Jewellery piece you would like to have then you can also choose to book an appointment first. Then you can choose/buy your never-ending jewellery piece in the store during your appointment.

To book an appointment click the link below and follow the steps to find a time and location that fits you.


What is a Never-Ending Bracelet/Anklet/Necklace? 

A piece from our Never-Ending Collection is a life-time treasure, intended to keep wearing forever. A 14K Solid Gold or White Gold chain is made to fit and welded immediately during your booking on your wrist, ankle or neck. The links of the chain are ‘zapped’ together, as there is no lock attached to it! 
Don’t worry – in case you would like to prefer to break the Never-Ending bond after a while, you can easily cut through your piece with scissors. Keep in mind that this ‘break-up’ is permanent! 

How do I arrange the welding of a piece of the Never Ending Collection? 

An appointment can be made after you purchase a Never Ending Giftcard in our webshop via: Please follow these steps: 
1. Choose the voucher for the never-ending piece you would like to receive 
2. After purchasing the voucher you will receive a physical voucher in a parcel at home. A tracking will be sent via e-mail. 
3. Scan the QR code on the back of the voucher with your mobile and find a time and location that’s right for you 
4. During the appointment, your chosen chain will be custom measured to fit you perfectly. Once measured, the magic happens… the links of the chain are closed together (zap-zap!), and there you have it, your Never-Ending jewellery can be enjoyed forever and ever. 
If there are no timeslots available on your preferred date, please get in touch over the phone with the location you want to have your Never-Ending appointment. Walk-ins are welcome, however there might be a short waiting time. 
Anna + Nina store - Herengracht, Amsterdam 
Tel: 020 26 11767 
Anna + Nina store – Oever, Antwerp 
Tel: +32 3 677 39 05 
Keep in mind that when making a booking, a timeslot is reserved for you, and we expect you to be on time. In case of delay or cancellation, we kindly ask you to get in touch with the store via phone to discuss if another times or dates are available. 

What may I expect during the appointment? 

You visit the store where you booked your appointment and are expected by one of our Welding-team members. Get comfy and go through the different types of chains we offer. The type of chain you chose when making the appointment, will be fitted for you personally so it will not cause irritation over time. Once the perfect length is found, our Goldsmith with ‘zapp’ the links together. This does not hurt, and only lasts a second!  

Where do you offer this welding service? 

We are proud to offer this service in two locations –  
Anna + Nina store - Herengracht, Amsterdam (NL) 
Anna + Nina store – Oever, Antwerp (BE) 

What is the price-point? 

We offer multiple styles, with a starting price from 149.95 EU per piece. Prices can be found on the Never-Ending page.

Am I allowed to wear my piece when flying?  

Yes! As the chain is so delicate, you do not have to worry to take off your piece by cutting it with scissors. Delicate jewelry may be worn when going through custom checks.  

What if I need to remove my Never-Ending piece for medical reasons? 

In case you experience a medical situation that required your Never-Ending piece to be cut, please contact our team at for a solution. 

Are friends/family allowed to join during my appointment? 

Yes! Whoever you want to bring is more than welcome. If the person you are bring also wants to get welded, please select in the booking information with how many people will visit.  

Can 2 or more people get welded at the same time?

Of course, if you are buying a Never-Ending voucher, please buy 1 per person. If you are booking an appointment first, you can choose in the booking form how many people the appointment is for.