Our jewellery line exists of several precious materials, which need to be taking care of to keep the jewellery sparkle for a very long time. Therefore, we have some tips and tricks to help to keep our jewellery beautiful!

14K Gold 
Gold is a valuable metal that does not oxidise or discolour under normal use. However, in combination with gemstones, we would recommend not to shower or swim whilst wearing in. 
585 gold means 14K gold and it exists of 58,50% pure gold. It is less likely to tarnish than 9K gold and more resistant to scratched compared to higher-carat gold. 
To keep the silver goldplated jewellery pieces shining, you should take them off before you take a shower or go swimming. Also try to avoid spraying perfume, oils and lotions on the jewellery. These things will eventually damage the gold finish on these pieces. So, handle them with great care!
When you haven’t worn your silver pieces for a while, it is possible that the colour has darkened a bit, but don't worry! Just use some Silvo and a dry cloth to make your jewellery look as new again.
Brass can sometimes get a darker colour after wearing it for a while, but also this material can easily be cleaned with a dry cloth and some Brasso. All of our jewellery items should be handled with care and patience to keep their beauty. Next to these great tips we have got one more trick that can make your life a little bit easier; try putting in our little ring earrings from the back in to the front, this way you will see yourself in the mirror and it makes it just that easier to lock it.