Anna + Nina jewellery is made by hand and therefore delicate. Please handle it with care.

• Avoid wearing your jewellery while exercising. Gold is a soft metal, which means it is vulnerable to scratches. For items covered with enamel or (Gold/Silver)plating, please avoid scratching on hard surfaces. This also applies to rings with precious gemstones.

• Do not wear your jewellery in the shower, pool or spa. Chlorine is very damaging to jewelry and can lead to your jewellery breaking. Moisture may also be the cause of oxidation so clean your item with a dry cloth if your item has been stored, or in touch with liquids. Pearls, for example, are porous and - despite coming out of the water - do not like moisture.

• Take off your jewellery while using any harsh chemicals as they can affect the shine and polish of your piece

• Put jewellery on last. Make-up, perfume, hair products, and lotions can damage.

• Store your pieces in a clean, dry space. It is best to store items separately to keep them from scratching or tangling. Avoid hanging necklaces or bracelets made with pearls or beads.

• Clean your jewellery. For Goldplated & silver items use a soft and dry cloth, do not use any liquids. For 14K Gold and Vintage pieces you may use lukewarm water with a mild dish soap and toothbrush. When in doubt, or in need of a professional cleaning by our Goldsmiths, please visit our Atelier at Herengracht 369, or contact them on

  • We strongly advise to take off all of your jewellery before sleeping to elongate the lifespan of your items. Sleeping with your jewelry can cause excessive stress and wear and tear, more so than wearing your jewellery during the day.

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Repair Service

For any 14K Gold/ Vintage item that does not fall under warranty, please visit our Atelier at Herengracht 369, Amsterdam to discuss repair options, or reach out to Please attach a picture of your item to your mail.

In case of a defective gold-plated item the warranty is no longer valid, we won’t be able to help you repair it. This is because the thin layer of gold plating is very fragile, and we do not want to affect it.