Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts

For those who have yet to make up their minds, did not find the time, or simply didn’t properly mark the date in their diary; it is not always easy to surprise the mother figures around us with a suitable gift. We are sharing some of our best last minute gift ideas for Mother's Day, sometimes you shouldn't overthink it…

A little from us, with a lot (of love and thought) from yourself.


There's really nothing more gift proof for Mother's Day than spoiling her to a new piece of jewellery. Our Birthstone Collection is a great option for a meaningful gift, but do take a peek at her wishlist for some inspiration or check our current Vintage Jewellery Collection for some unique pieces. Or if you want to give her a matching jewellery piece our Never-ending collection is the perfect way to go.


Perhaps this is stating the obvious, but there's nothing quite as delightful to receive as a beautiful bouquet of flowers. No, we're not talking about a handful of tulips or daisies. Go all out and have a gigantic bouquet arranged with her favourite flowers. Or, combine florals with her most cherished colours. Not sure about this? Ask the florist about the meanings behind the flowers in their selection. Bonus points if you gift the bouquet in a charming vase. Tips? We've got them.

A scent

When looking for a thoughtful gift idea that never misses, opt for a way to incorporate a new scent in the lifestyle of the mother figure that deserves to be spoiled.

Scented candles, fragrance sticks, and perfumes are excellent choices. There’s no such thing as enough scented candles or perfumes and it is a great way to put some thought into your gifting language as you’re sure to find the most fitting scent, it is the perfect gift for a hardworking mom who deserves a little pampering. Whether she prefers floral, fruity, or woody scents, there are a wide variety of options available to suit her taste. Scents are luxurious gifts that can evoke memories and emotions with just a few spritzes.

Something To Do

Mother's Day is a special occasion to show appreciation for the important women in our lives. Here are some ideas for things to do on Mother's Day

Wellness day

Indulge in a wellness workshop focused on relaxation and self-care. Consider activities such as yoga and meditation or a spa day (at home) with facials and massages. Our favourite is the Wellness spa at the Conservatorium Hotel.

Make your own rug

You know how much we cherish craftsmanship, so if you're looking for a unique and creative way to spend quality time with your mum, we've discovered an exciting opportunity for both of you. Tuftlab offers a wonderful workshop where you can unleash your creativity and make your own rug.

And here's the cherry on top: with the special code "annanina10," you'll enjoy a 10% discount on your workshop. Be quick and choose a date to create a forever memory with your mum that you'll both cherish for years to come.

Wine Tasting

Imagine spending quality time together, sipping exquisite wines, and indulging in delicious pairings. It's the perfect opportunity to bond and create lasting memories. Take a look at Chateau Amsterdam, they have different tastings you can choose from. Also, want to enjoy some yummyfood? Check out their special Mother’s Day Brunch!


Brunch: Treating your mom to a delicious brunch is a classic way to celebrate Mother's Day. You can either make a reservation at her favorite restaurant, claim a table at one of our favorite brunch spots in Amsterdam or prepare a selfmade brunch spread at home. Consider making her favourite dishes, setting a beautiful table, and adding some fresh flowers for a lovely touch.

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