With the upcoming gloomy days, and daily life going back to normal day-by-day, what better way to celebrate than with food, drinks and some oh-so fabulous décor? 

The rainy and colder days are approaching, but that is an extra reason to give your table setting at home a little extra love! And the food sure does taste better when the table looks nice, don’t you agree?

We asked Anna and Nina themselves to share with us their secrets on how to create the ultimate table setting.
A+N - Tablesetting
Tip 1: More is more.
"To us, there are no rules. Your dinner should be a party, and your table should look like one. Mix and match. Find a print, a tablecloth or a napkin that you love, and work around it. We believe in more is more and love to combine different patterns, stripes and colours with each other to create that WOW effect."
A+N - Table setting
Tip 2: Embrace the Season with playful shades and patterns. 
Whatever season it may be, whether, in Spring, Summer, Autumn or even Winter, colours just have that magical quality of being able to set the right mood! And for that extra sparkle, don’t forget to light one of your favourite candles. It’s the details that make all the difference! 
A+N - Table setting
We love all sorts of porcelain with different playfull designs on it. We are in love with the bright colours that work in combination with the food you serve. It’s delicious !"
A+N - Tablesetting
Tip 3: Invest in Key pieces
If you want to invest in something for your table, I would say invest in a beautiful candle holder or a vase. Candles and flowers are what make the table and you want it to draw attention." 
A+N - Tablesetting
Tip 4: Bring the Cosy Feeling to your home! 
Don't feeling like going out during the colder days. Well, no need to worry, with the right pieces you can bring that cosy restaurant feeling straight to your home. Colourful items with deep warm colours will make you think of sitting in your favourite restaurant after a long cold city walk. 
Now that we’ve shared our top tips with you, we’d love to see your take on the ultimate table setting! Show us your looks and become part of the Anna + Nina community by tagging @annaninanl in your IG posts.
August 31, 2021