Vintage Tourmaline Tutti Frutti Ring


Size Guide

Vintage Tourmaline Tutti Frutti Ring - 17.25 / Gold is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Vintage Tourmaline Tutti Frutti Ring is a colourful eye-catcher. The ring is made using 9K yellow gold and has a cut out on each side. The different coloured tourmaline gemstones have a playful design and will add a little bit extra to your jewellery collection.

All of our Anna + Nina vintage jewellery is locally sourced and hand-selected by our gold specialist who carefully evaluates each piece and assesses the type of metal, stones and settings.
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• 9K Yellow Gold
• Ruby and Nashan Peridot
Current size:
• 17.25

Resizing possibilities:
• 16.75 - 17.75
• All resizing information is Atelier specific and therefore does not guarantee resizing possibilities at other Goldsmiths/Jewellers. 
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