Vintage Marvelous Pink Ethiopian Triple Opal Ring


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Vintage Marvelous Pink Ethiopian Triple Opal Ring - 17.5 / Gold is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Vintage Marvelous Pink Ethiopian Triple Opal Ring is a very unique piece made using 9K yellow gold. The ring is topped with three round cut pink Ethiopian opal gemstones. This ring will be a real eye-catcher.

All of our Anna + Nina vintage jewellery is locally sourced and hand-selected by our gold specialist who carefully evaluates each piece and assesses the type of metal, stones and settings.
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• 9K Yellow Gold
• Ethiopian Opal
Current size:
• 17.5

Resizing not possible
*All resizing information is Atelier specific and therefore
does not guarantee resizing possibilities at other Goldsmiths/Jewellers.

Additional information:
When buying this ring you will receive a certificate. Ethiopian Opals are almost by default so-called 'hydrophane' Opals, which means they are extremely sensitive to moisture of any kind. They soak up moisture even from highly damp surroundings which in time will be visible in the colouring of the stones. Never clean this stone with any kind of moisture or liquid, we advise using a dry microfibre cloth to clean off fingerprints and other dirt. - for more information regarding the correct way of handling this stone type, feel free to call our atelier.

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