The Fabled Thread Leopard Stockings


The Fabled Thread Leopard Stockings - Multicolour is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Fabled Thread Leopard Stockings is the perfect kit to make your own Christmas stocking that will stay with you for the rest of your life. This kit is the perfect activity to do, snuggled up on the couch with a cup of chocolate milk during the colder days. When you finish your stocking (which is really a piece of art in our opinion), it will be the eye-catcher on your chimney. This is the most wonderful item that will bring the Christmas feeling to your home. And how nice, every stocking comes with a booklet which tells you the story behind your stocking.

The Fabled Thread is a UK based brand that was founded by Eppie Thomson. The inspiration to starting the company was a sampler made by her 97-year-old grandmother. So when friends of Eppie announced their engagement she made tried to make them a sampler as well. The second she pushed the thread through the eye of the needle she knew she had to do something with it. Eppies love for sewing has only grown stronger and sharing the joys of needlework and samplers has become a big part of her life. All the kits are prepared with immense care by her and her small team in east London.

Note: this is a needlepoint kit therefore does not come with the backing fabric, tassels or ribbon.

The kit contains:
• A high-quality bespoke canvas sewing bag
• The design printed on Zweigart interlocked canvas (10 HPI)
• All the Appletons British tapestry wool you could need
• A design plan and stitching guide
• Several tapestry needles

• 50 x 40 cm at the widest point and at the narrowest point in the neck the stocking is 50 x 20 cm


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The Fabled Thread Leopard Stockings

The Fabled Thread Leopard Stockings

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