Set: The Bare Necessities Silver

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Set: The Bare Necessities Silver - Silver is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Set: The Bare Necessities Silver in 925 Silver is a handpicked selection of three single earrings that are perfectly matched together.

This season we are throwing it back to the Sixties and bringing some disco vibes to the jungle. Inspired by all things sparkles, rhinestones and twinkling stars. Pump up some funky tunes and dance the night away with our Disco Jungle collection. 

• A set with 3 single earrings
• 925 sterling silver
• Handmade in Thailand

This set consists of:
 • Dazzling Ring Earring
 • Single Zirconia Sparkle Ring Earring
 • Single Blossom Stud