Santa Carolina Small Tray by Santhonoré

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The Santa Carolina Small Tray by Santhonoré is a beauty to behold! Each tray displays a representation of a patron saint and is simply a work of art. We are amazed by the details of this little piece of art, are you ready to add a playful pop of colour with this one? It's sure to look great displayed on your coffee table, don't you think?

Santa Carolina: patron saint of teachers, professors, instructors and educators. 
- We don't want to teach you anything, but this one may help!

Santhonoré draws inspiration from the Christian tradition with new eyes and a unique, contemporary take. While respecting each saint's iconographic traits, they become real pop icons. This Made in Italy wooden tray with engraved decorations can be cleaned with a damp cloth. On the packaging you can find the detailed protection, in English, French and Italian language.

• Size: 16cm width, 21cm hight, 1,6cm depth
• Material: Wood
• Clean with a damp cloth
• Made in Italy