Quinton Chadwick Red Pink Love Hope Handgloves

€31,47 €44,95

The Love Hope Hand gloves in Red and Pink are made from the finest quality lambswool, which will keep you warm with the upcoming colder weather. These red gloves with Love and Hope in pink make a great gift with an uplifting message. We like the sentiment “Say it with your hands”.

Quinten Chadwick is a UK based brand founded by Jess Quinton and Jane Chadwick. They came together with a mutual vision to launch their company using only small British Mills. These mills are located in areas of the UK where knitting is a large part of the local heritage, such as Scotland, Nottingham and Devon. A founding principle of the brand is to help keep this skilled craftsmanship alive. Quinten and Chadwick items are made from 100% natural and biodegradable fibres.

• Made in Scotland
• 100% Lambswool
• Handwash
• Lay flat to dry