Prairie Coin Necklace Charm Silver


The Prairie Coin Necklace Charm Silver is the perfect piece to make you dream of freedom in nature and wild adventures with its gorgeous design.

The Rise of the Southern Sun Collection was created in pursuit of escaping the ordinary. Wandering our way through the wilderness to find inspiration for the collection, we followed the deep rivers and magical wildflower prairies unfurling beneath the bluest of skies. With this collection, we invite you to follow your intuition, and experiment with layering and pairing the different jewellery.

• 925 Sterling Silver
• Coloured enamel
• Sold as a single item
• Total length: 2,5 cm
• Total width: 1,8 cm
• Length eye: 0,7 cm
• Width eye: 0,5 cm
• Handmade in Thailand