Pols Potten Red Glass Jug


The Pols Potten Red Glass Jug is a true piece of art. The shape of the jug is something like we have never seen before. Use it to serve your favourite drinks or you can even use it as a playful vase to put your all-time favourite flowers in.

Pols Potten is a unique Dutch design label by Erik Pol. In 1986 he began with importing terracotta pots from Spain, they became very popular which brought Pols Potten to life. Pols Potten collaborates together with dutch designers, utilizes skilled craftsmanship and the dedication of artisans from around the world. This is the basis for the outspoken Pols Potten designs.

• Glass
• Measurements jug: length 12cm, width 17cm, height 22cm
• 850ml per jug
• Dishwasher safe