November Birthstone Ring Earring Citrine


The November Birthstone Ring Earring Citrine is handmade using 14K gold and unique Citrine stone.

Citrine, a deep yellow glistening, gemstone brightens the grey of late autumn and guides all November-born with its warm light and sunny beauty. 
When life gives you lemons, wear a citrine. Why don’t you don this liquid honey-like gem all year round? Citrine, with its yellow hues, like splashes of sunshine, symbolises joy, life and positive energy. It will surely add a pop of colour to your day and outfit, elevate your spirit and bring a smile to your face. 
Many mysterious legends surround this gem. Chinese lore, for example,  assures that citrine is "The Stone of Success" and brings prosperity and abundance - we sure like that!
Put this beautiful gleaming citrine on and share your brilliant personality with the world; you, the November child, are a true human sunbeam. 

- 14K Gold and Citrine
- Single
- Diameter: 1.2cm