May Birthstone Ring Earring Emerald 14K


The May Birthstone Ring Earring Emerald is handmade using 14K gold and a unique Emerald stone.

Spectacular in its colour and clarity, emerald is the North Star of all born in the bright month of May. Graceful, vibrant and utterly desirable, this precious stone will be a majestic addition to any jewellery collection.
Cleopatra was spellbound by its exotic colour and claimed ownership of every single emerald mine in Egypt during her rule. So why not get into her footsteps? Don a stunning emerald jewellery piece, reign the world, mesmerise those around, and most importantly - have great fun while doing so.
Emeralds symbolise everlasting hope and enhance intuition and the power of love. So whether this vividly green gemstone will inspire you to follow the ancient ruler’s example or fall head over heels in love, emerald is undoubtedly a precious beauty to hold onto now through forever.

- 14K Gold and Emerald
- Single
- Diameter: 1.2cm


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May Birthstone Ring Earring Emerald 14K

May Birthstone Ring Earring Emerald 14K

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