Maria Tash Pearl Coronet Ring Earring


The Maria Tash Pearl Coronet Ring Earring with thirteen Akoya pearls radiating from its outer surface is one of Maria Tash's signature pieces. Twelve of the pearls are set in a fixed position, while the bottom pearl dangles freely. Feel elegant and perfectly made with this delicate piece.

Maria Tash’s passion for ornate jewellery design is a lifelong one, but it wasn’t until she moved to London that she began working also on innovative body jewellery that enhanced the wearer’s natural beauty.

Her pieces are designed in the USA and form an eclectic collection with signature styles, such as threaded studs and “clicker” rings, at its core. Tash’s ethos – to look at what’s next while drawing inspiration from history – has allowed her label to organically flourish into a global brand.

• 14K Gold and Pearl
• 9.5mm