Lisa Corti Green Dahlia Flower Pillow

€34,97 €49,95

The Lisa Corti Green Dahlia Flower Pillow is a colourful piece with a floral design on the front and big green flow edges. This playful design makes us think of cosy nights on the couch with lots of pillows, hot beverages, candles and your best friend. Let the vivid colours of the pillows inspire you during the colder days!

Lisa Corti designs her creations in Italy from where her journey began in her home in Milan. Born in Ethiopia, her love for colour and bright fabrics was inspired by those around her and carried with her in her inspiration today. Lisa Corti reworks the designs of her textiles in an original and personal way that brings a perfect blend of Western, African, and Indian influences, fascinating to discover and explore.
• Cotton
• 45 x 45 cm