Kuhn White Dice Ceramic Incense Holder

By Kuhn

The White Dice Ceramic Incense Holder is handmade from clay with a glaze layer and has a very unique and playful design. This item will bring some magic into your house and is perfect to burn all your favourite incense in.

Kühn Keramik is founded by ceramist artist from Berlin, Germany, Bernhard Kühn. For over 20 years Kühn has been creating ceramics with his own quirky sense of style. Much of Kühn’s Keramiks world is magic, twisted and peculiar just like the tales of Lewis Carroll, which helps Kühn to get a new and different view on everyday objects. This view is heavily influenced by his irony, humour and personal love for the Baroque era and its abundant achievement in art (painting, architecture, sculpture). All Kühns ceramics are handmade in Germany.

• Dimensions: Length 7,5 cm x Width 6,5 cm
• Colours may vary slightly from the image
• Each piece is unique due to its handmade quality
• Made in Germany