June Birthstone Multi Ring Moonstone


The June Birthstone Multi Ring Moonstone is handmade using 14K gold and unique Moonstone.

Moonstone, the name holds so much promise, beauty and mystery. The ancients believed that the moonlight got frozen on a cold winter night, fell to the icy ground, and just like that, the moonstone came to be. What a captivating legend, and aren’t you, the June borns, the lucky ones to be led by such a magnetic gemstone? 
Moonstone comes in a kaleidoscopic array of hues from milky to grey, brown, yellow, green and pink - the true colours of moonlight. This gorgeous gem is intertwined and associated with lunar magic. It is very suitable indeed; same as its big sister, the Moon, this gem symbolises rebirth, new beginnings, and strong female energy. 
Bold and bright, are born in June. But even you, once in a blue moon, need a guiding light; and that will be your moonstone. 

- 14K Gold and Moonstone
- Width widest point: 0,2 cm
- Width smallest point: 0,1 cm
- Width placement stones: 2,5 cm