July Birthstone Ring Earring Ruby


The July Birthstone Ring Earring Ruby is handmade using 14K gold and unique Ruby stone.

Once called the queen of all gems, ruby holds opulent, almost mythical allure and an array of enchanting tales. This compelling gem burning with crimson red is the guiding star, for those born in July. Layer necklaces, mix rings, add earrings - the more, the better, as with its sumptuous red hue, ruby amplifies passion and energy. Old lore narrates that wearing a blazing scarlet ruby bestows happiness upon its owner.
Indeed, there are many charming legends and bewildering symbols associated with rubies, but clearly, its radiant colour is what captivates us. And whether you prefer subtle pale pinks or rich, hot, fuchsia shades, this gem is sure to ignite a spark of head-spinning love, creative energy, true passion or quiet yet profound happiness.

- 14K Gold and Ruby
- Single
- Diameter: 1.2cm


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July Birthstone Ring Earring Ruby

July Birthstone Ring Earring Ruby

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