Cowboy Boot Ornament

€14,98 €29,95

The Cowboy Boot Ornament is one of our favourite ornaments this holiday season. The colours of the boot in combination with the black glitter make this a one of a kind piece. Combine it with our other ornaments and create a unique Christmas tree.

It’s no secret Christmas is our favourite time of the year, we love nothing more than transitioning into the holiday season. The Anna + Nina 2021 Christmas collection is inspired by traditions, after all, Christmas is all about celebrating traditions (new and old) with your loved ones. Whether it’s digging out your beloved old ornaments or the annual purchasing of brand new shiny ones, we only have one rule, too much is never enough! This season, get ready to be inspired by our table settings, decorated trees, and transforming every inch of your home into corners of absolute joy

• Measurements: Height 9 cm, Width 6 cm
• Glass
• Made in the USA