Check-In Cards English

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The Check-In Cards provide you with the tools to have a real conversation with yourself and meet your inner wisdom. By asking yourself the right questions, you are invited to truly listen to yourself and add new dimensions to your awareness. Save yourself hours of reading, studying, and searching, and let the maps be your guide to stay tuned in everyday life.

How to use:
There are several ways to use the 45 different cards: 
- Select a relevant card related to any specific situation whereby you feel the need for support, clarity, or inspiration.
- Alternatively, you can also bring wisdom and awareness to your daily life when there is no specific issue. Just select one of the eight main check-in cards, or pick a theme that resonates with your current mood.
- If there is a bigger or recurring issue at hand in your current life? Select one or several cards to use repeatedly during a set period of time. Writing out a card helps reinforce it.