Carrie Necklace Twist Chain 14K


Carrie Bradshaw, is that you!? Our Carrie Necklace Twist Chain is a custom, handmade necklace in 14K gold and is the ultimate necklace for all jewellery lovers! Personalise this golden beauty and create your very own unique keepsake treasure. 

Item specifications:
• 14K Gold
• Chain length: 45 cm 
• Name tag height: 4-7 mm
Customisation specifications: 
• 1 name or word 
• Max. 8 letters
• Only the first letter is capitalised
• The size of the tag depends on the length of the name/word

It is not possible to return this item
Delivery time: 4-6 weeks

Klarna: Please note if you are paying with Klarna, goods must still be paid for within 30days of ordering.